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Atty. Daniel A. Adeva III

A graduate of BS Business Management at the Ateneo de Manila Loyola University and completed his Law degree at the Pontifical University of Santo Tomas. Admitted to the Philippine Bar in 2010, he specializes in corporate law and litigation as he rose to the ranks from Associate Attorney to Senior Partner in various Law Firms.

He has extensive experience with corporate clients from various industries such as Construction, Business Process Outsourcing, Educational Institutions, Medical, Logistics, Shipping, Mining, Retail, Manpower, and Offshore Gaming Operators, among others.

He is also well versed in government procurement processes, having previously served as the vice-chairman of the Bids and Awards Committee of the Dangerous Drugs Board for three years. He has extensive knowledge of relevant regulations including but not limited to foreign investments and Philippine Export Processing.

He has extensive experience in corporate housekeeping as but not limited to Corporate Compliance, Corporate Secretarial Services, and Contract and Document Review. He takes pride in his ability to negotiate with various parties to minimize the need for the client to go into litigation. He used to be a professor at the Pontifical University of Santo Tomas, teaching economics, taxation, constitution, and obligations and contracts.

Atty. Antonio L. Albano

Likewise from the same University and admitted to the Philippine Bar in 1995.

For over 27 years, he specializes in corporate law as well as business laws as he previously has been the corporate counsel for Solid Group Inc., a publicly listed diverse company that is known for consumer products of Sony, Aiwa, Samsung, Sanyo, KIA, BMW, realty such as Laguna International Industrial Park and Calamba Premier Industrial Park, technology companies of the DestinyCable Inc. group and various foreign and local joint-venture companies.

It includes practice at the Security Exchange Commission, Philippine Export Processing, Board of Investments, Intellectual Property Office, Commercial Mediation, and Bureau of Immigration He acted as Corporate Secretary for over 30 conglomerates of corporations. He also practices litigation in various courts all over the country. He was previously a professor for the Honor Section of St. Scholastica’s University of Manila, BS Commerce, and Management. Currently teaches Business Laws at Kingfisher School of Business and Finance simultaneously he is also a Human Resources Management Practitioner for various companies.

Our Services

Corporate law


We handle corporate and commercial legal service that covers the preparation of documents for pre-incorporation, proper registration of the business with the Securities and Exchange Commission, and post-incorporation tasks that are required for the Bureau of Internal Revenue.

estate planning


Our law office provides diligent legal assistance to settle real estate planning and proceedings in the most efficient manner. This includes judicial and extrajudicial settlement of properties and probate of wills.

Family Law Concept


Our legal practice covers disputes under family law, which includes legal representation in family courts, legal actions regarding marital concerns, annulment of marriages, declaration of nullity of marriages, legal separation, paternity and affiliation, child custody, support, adoption, and property relations.

Labor law


We render labor disputes that comprise of suspension of employees, disability and money claims, unfair labor practices, negotiations for collective bargaining agreements, grievance and labor arbitration, strikes and lockouts, employee benefits, social security, and other labor-related cases.



We also handle legal services that involve tax collection and enforcement under the laws and regulations of the Bureau of Internal Revenue.

Justice and Law Concept. Working with Document Law Books, Report


Our firm’s mission is to provide legal services to our clients’ multi-facet platforms to arrive at innovative solutions to modern and complex legal problems which our clients recognize and value.


We serve our clients and act as a compass to steer their best interest in today’s modern legal sphere without compromising ethical values, which is our core.

The cause of our clients is also ours. Together we build an alliance that values excellence, commitment, uncompromising integrity, and high standards of ethics centeredto the speedy disposition of justice.

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